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Prof. Osmund Duodu Ansa-Asare is a Chief Research Scientist with 25 years experience in Research and Development in water resources management, including over 14 years experience in Management Position. He was involved in organizing, directing and coordinating various activities as the Deputy-Director of the CSIR-Water Research Institute. He was also involved in initiating and conducting research into the freshwater resources of Ghana and marine waters to provide information for the control of pollution and the sustainable management of water resources.

Prof. Ansa-Asare holds PhD in Environmental Analytical Chemistry from University of Aberdeen. Scotland, UK; Post Graduate Diploma in Water Quality Management, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands; BSc. Hons. Chemistry, University of Cape Coast (UCC), Cape Coast, Ghana; and Diploma in Education, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana.
During his University days, he had an award called “Mendel Award” as the best Chemistry Student from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana in 1989.

From 2003 to date he has been the Project Manager for DANIDA WRIS Project in Ghana. He has also been the Team Leader for Water Quality Assessment for Coastal, Volta and Southwestern Rivers Basin Systems from 2009 to date. He is an Environmental and Water Quality Expert (Consultant) for UNIDO, AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi Mine, Newmont Ghana Limited, Goldfields Ghana Limited Tarkwa Mine. He has also combed the length and breadth of Ghana assessing the quality of rivers, ground and other drinking water sources in Ghana. He was the Team Leader for the EU project for assessing the quality of both surface and ground water resources.

He has been a member of Ghana Science Association – since 1991, Ghana Chemical Society – since 1988, Review Editor for West African Journal of Applied Ecology Published by the Ecological Laboratory Unit of the University of Ghana, Accra since 2000, and other international journals, National Committee member for the Integrated Management of the Volta River Basin – since 2001. He has also developed an innovative way of determining productivity in a water body by using Dissolve Oxygen Cycles. He also adapted and developed Water Quality Index for Ghanaian Rivers.

His research outputs in terms of publications include some forty (40) papers in pier reviewed journals, and over eighty (80) technical, consultancy and conference papers.



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