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CSIR 2017 Praise & Thanksgiving Service   

The southern sector of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) came together as one family to hold a Praise and Thanksgiving Service to thank God for his mercies. It also gave the staff time to reflect on the blessings of God and all activities of the year.
This year’s Non-denominational praise and thanksgiving service was hosted by CSIR-Water Research Institute and was graced by the Council Chairman, the Director General, Deputy Director General, Directors and Deputy Directors of the various Institutes, Past Directors, Religious Leaders, Retired Officers and the Management and staff of CSIR.
The two hour program began with a Moslem and Christian prayer. Scripture readings were taken by various dignitaries with musical interludes amidst praise and worship songs from the El Dunamis Minstrels and the CSIR Praise Singers. Various prayers of thanksgiving were said for CSIR and the staff were exalted to work harder. Rev. Canon Anthony Eiwuley led the exhortation. His message was centered on humility and truthfulness. He also admonished the gathering to be prayerful and not forget their purpose on earth for they can be called at any time to account for them.

The CSIR Praise and Thanksgiving Service successfully ended with a photo session of dignitaries present.


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